19-21 October 2015, Bucharest, Romania

The International Symposium on Nuclear Energy (SIEN) is a biennial scientific and technical meeting in Romania having already a long tradition

SIEN 2015 is co-organized by the Romanian Nuclear Energy Association - AREN and the Romanian Atomic Forum - ROMATOM. The objective of the symposium is to debate challenges and the future prospective of Nuclear Energy in the context of the last well known events in the world.

All the experts and representatives of the main organizations and institutions involved in the development of nuclear projects are invited to attend SIEN 2015. This symposium is also open to research officers and students interested in the Issues of Nuclear Energy.

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Technical sessions:
  • 1. Promoting peaceful use of nuclear energy  
  • 1.1 Major nuclear projects supporting climate change, energy security and sustainable development 
  • 1.2 Managing economics of projects in nuclear energy field  
  • 1.3 Safe operation and ageing control of nuclear installations 
  • 1.4 Front end fuel cycle, radioactive waste management and decommissioning
  • 2. Sustainable development of nuclear energy  
  • 2.1 New developments in the legal and regulatory framework 
  • 2.2 Improved nuclear safety and emergency management after Fukushima 
  • 2.3 Safe environmental and radiological protection  
  • 2.4 Safety culture and management of human resources  
  • 2.5 Public communication and stakeholder involvement
  • ICN Pitesti - Mental models of the general public on ionising radiation
  • WIN: WiN's goal - to promote nuclear power
  • Young Generation Network: “Crisis Communication: Facing the Challenges “ 
  • ROMATOM - "Integrated Management System: between requirements and necessity"
  • AREN-WIN Ro-SRRp: “Application of ionized radiation in nuclear medicine”

Important dates:
  • August 15th, 2015: Extended deadline for abstract submission
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