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SIEN 2021 is organized by the Romanian Association “Nuclear Energy” – AREN in partnership with the Romanian Atomic Forum – ROMATOM and Energynomics, our media partner. The symposium is organized under the auspices of the European Nuclear Society.

SIEN 2021 is intended as a forum of discussions between experts, professionals and representatives of the organizations active in the nuclear field. The topics of the symposium are related to the contribution of nuclear power in reaching the EU decarbonization targets in the context of the EU debate, the opportunities and challenges associated with new nuclear technologies such as small modular reactors, the non-electric applications of nuclear power in areas such as clean hydrogen production, medical isotopes and other applications including in support of nuclear fusion, ensuring an integrated and robust supply chain and strengthening the partnership with the industry and the academic environment to ensure the future generation of nuclear specialists.

SIEN 2021 is a two day conference, with day 1 dedicated to invited speakers on different policy and technical aspects and day 2 dedicated to scientific works from the national and international communities.

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